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Hangman Pro for the Macintosh

Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word-guessing game
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5 August 2012

Editor's review

Hangman is one of the famous guessing games that you all must have played in your school days challenging your friends and class mates during leisure time. To make your memories come alive again developers has brought this game in front of you to in a completely digitized form for your Mac. Hangman Pro is a fantastically designed guessing game with elegant graphics and amusing music and sound that will surely win you heart. It has got scores of word categories in which you will get thousands of words that will surprise you at every game you will play. Even thought the name of the game sounds violent but actually there is no violence in this game and is completely educational. You will find hints for your guesses, photo fun, timed games and much more.

Hangman Pro provides such a simple interface that anybody can get start with this game. The game shows the category at the top of the game window. You can see the number of games you have played, number of wins, and loose and their totals at a top of the GUI of the window. The game makes available a knowledge area that consists of information of the guessed word or a phrase. With this small bit of information you can estimate the actual word and lesser the guess you will make more is the score you will get. Hangman Pro will also assist you to create your own list of words and set associated information as per your choice. With more than 70+ categories this game will certainly improve your vocabulary and knowledge plus it supports displaying and entering of words in most European language like English, German, Italian, Flemish, French, Dutch, etc.

Hangman Pro is well supported in most Macs and works pretty smoothly. After playing this game quite an amount of time we give it a score of three and half on a scale of 5 for its engaging game-play.

Publisher's description

Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word guessing game. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, dozens of built-in word categories, unlimited lists of your own words, hints, timed games, photo fun, and much more. Hangman Pro is educational too. It's played for fun, but you can't help learning. A special Knowledge Area includes information associated with the guessed word or phrase. If the word chosen is from the States or Countries category, for example, the Knowledge Area will show the capital of the State or Country. If the category is Authors or Composers, the knowledge area will show facts about, or famous works of, the author or composer. You can even make your own lists (unlimited in number) and include your own associated information. There are 70+ categories, guaranteed to include something for everyone. Hangman Pro also offers full support for what's often known as accented characters. Hangman Pro supports the entry and display of words in many languages, including Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Hangman Pro makes learning vocabulary more fun than ever before. The new Hangman Pro is a Universal Binary Macintosh application. It runs natively on older PowerPC and newer Intel-based Macintoshes. Rosetta is NOT required.
Hangman Pro for the Macintosh
Hangman Pro for the Macintosh
Version 3.0.2
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